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The Coalition of Care… a grassroots organization.

The Licking County Coalition of Care is a faith-based partnership of local churches committed to pooling resources, to work together to meet the needs of families in crisis. The organization was created in response to the increasing numbers of calls individual churches were receiving from people in need of help. Recognizing that local churches have limited resources to screen calls and generally are not equipped to provide assessment, planning, referral, and on-going support, the Coalition was formed. caring and concerned citizens from a variety of churches came together in 2003 to create the Coalition.

A Steering Committee was formed to review a number of different outreach models and to create one best suited to the needs and resources of this county. The steering committee worked to incorporate, attain IRS designation as a 501(c) (3) organization, renovate a facility, and open on September 1, 2005.

The Licking County Coalition of Care is a true grassroots effort and exemplifies what can be accomplished when people coalesce for the good of their community. The Coalition serves as a clearinghouse for information about area services, and works closely with local agencies.

In the Coalition’s years of service, the program has had a measurable impact on the community. On an average, financial assistance is provided to 1400 households per year. Our financial assistance helps maintain shelter and utilities for families, funds meet needs for electric, rent, heat, water, and prescriptions and transportation to new employment or necessary medical appointments.